Rory vs Scorch


wires-walter-the-automaton asked:

Do you have a favorite bot in the band? Or do you love them all the same?

officialwaltergirlcarolina answered:

I love all the robots equally. They all have their unique quirks and they each torque me in their own special way. I love how Rabbit is always trying to give me beauty advice. Spine can be so stoic, but in reality has a gushy emotional response programmed deep inside his metal exterior, and how Hatchworth always wants to make me a sandwich when he thinks I’m feeling down. They are amazing robots, how could I ever choose a favorite?


nikkyatyourservice asked:

How did you get this?

shark-the-spine answered:

He turns a bit to see what they were indicating and cringes a bit. It’s a large slash that goes from his elbow to his wrist “Been meaning to get that fixed. I was in a fight with the Beciles and one of them had a knife.”







They winced, brow furrowing slightly as they tentatively fingered the mark. “If you’d like, I could try and fix it for you,” they offered softly. “It wouldn’t be a problem for me at all.” After all, they did all the maintenance on their own arms.

"It’d just be a matter of replacing that piece which wouldn’t be too difficult with a second person. I’ve been rather busy." He smiles at them "I can go and grab the replacement section, you would just have to screw it back into place."

"That sounds like a plan," they replied with warm smile. "And in return, can I stay here for the night? I’ll still do it if you refuse, but it’d be really nice to have a roof over my head until I can open up another portal…"

He nods a bit and smiles ” You don’t always have to do something to spend the night you know. Mi casa is su casa?” He gives a strange look before nodding ” just don’t invite like a hundred people here.” Shark then goes to find those pieces and returns shortly, offering the plating and a screwdriver out to her, he plops down on the couch and rolls up his sleeves.

They laughed softly at his suggestion, shaking their head. “It’s not like I know anyone to invite,” they said simply as they started the repair. They were always extremely careful with these things, almost gentle despite the people they worked on were pretty much the complete opposite of fragile. “Thank you anyway… It’s always hard the first couple of nights in a new place, having to find a bed to sleep in…”

He chuckles a bit and nods softly. He knows that feeling ” Well you are welcome here then for sure.” He watches her make the repairs on him and smiles a bit. She’s careful and gentle. A quality that all of his mechanics seem to have no matter their personality

"Is there anything else you need?"

They shook their head, finishing up and running their fingers through their hair. “No, that’s more than enough,” they replied with a smile as they set his tools aside - didn’t want to accidentally steal from their host after all. “Really, I should be asking what I can do for you!” they added with a soft laugh.

Nikky Wallace, at your service! They said it so much, they should probably have it on their name tag, and he was letting them stay with him for free.